To join Piranha Swimming

USA Swimming
US Masters
Special Olympics (Needs)

please email

Coach Colin Hardy at:

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Upcoming 2013 Meets:

All Meet Entries are due online under Meet Entries.

Special Olympics:


USA Swimming:

Jan 17 ~ 19, 2014 - Jax Parks Classic @ Cecil Field


Feb 1-2 Daytona Beach Speed

Feb 14 ~ 16, 2014 - AmberJax Love to Race Meet


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2013 Fee Guide: Monthly:

Registration/Insurance Fee, $100 Yearly Fee (Per family). Due January 1st or when you join the club.

$80 per month. $60 for second child $40 for Third Child.  

You must also join USA Swimming which is $59 a year.

All Dues must be paid on the first of the month to Coach Colin Hardy.  Payments must be received on time to be a member of the swim team as we are a coach run team. Missing a payment or being late will be very costly to the team.  All meet fees are due up front prior to swimming meets.  Missing a payment for a meet on time and your child will not swim that meet.  If you have any difficulty paying on time please see the head coach as soon as possible.

Piranha Swimmers: 

Ryan and Emily Ramsden
Chase Stevens

Amanda Cota  
Lauren Martin
Machi Martin
Leann Podeyn 
Taylor Scalf
Eric Wendorf

Special Olympics Clay County Swim Team:

Head Coach/Coordinator: Colin Hardy

Head Coach: Jackie Krabill


Jessica Devine

Megan Spencer

Dylan Spencer

Sarah Hejmanowski

Eric Wendorf

Tayler Fisher

Ed Carter

  The Piranhas are located at: 

   Cecil Field Aquatic Center

13611 Normandy Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL


Special Olympics Clay County is located at:

Dye Clay YMCA

3322 Moody Ave.

Orange Park, FL 32065

(For more information, please contact with either email at the top of the page)